Last Saturday the first page of the Antilliaans Dagblad had the heading ‘Forse kritiek op CAP’. For me that was the last article of tendentious reporting with regard to CAP, that I could read without reacting and giving my personal opinion as an international economist. Yes I am also a member of the supervisory board of CAH, but this article I am writing ‘à titre personnel’.
I observed that for a while systematically tendentious info is thrown into the media insinuating unhappiness with CAP. In the edition of September 15th of the Antilliaans Dagblad in the opinion column it states that there is wide criticism on CAP. I do not agree at all with this statement or the other tendentious reporting with regard to CAP.
I am very happy with CAP’s involvement with our airport both as a professional and also as a person that travels a lot and uses our airport frequently for many years. The last years it is enjoyable to go to our airport as it is pleasant to spend time there, and because of the efficiency in the airport that I was not used to in the past. I am not the only one happy with the airport and CAP. Many friends, locals and foreign persons visiting Curaçao express compliments with the changes they have seen and experienced at the airport. Thank you CAP for doing a wonderful job at our airport.
With regard to the economic benefits to the economy of the island, I am also very positive with CAP’s contribution. Before CAP’s time we had an airport operated as a government entity, making financial losses, costing the country taxpayers money.
Since CAP we have a privately run airport/company, that based on the DOMA contributes financially, to CAH. CAH contributes via dividend payment to the shareholder, which is the government. This is a win-win situation for all parties. The increase in the stay-over tourism over the years is also a positive sign.
As a country we wanted the privatization of the airport. We also wanted to attract foreign investors, and still have this as a government policy. With CAP and their continuous investments in the airport we achieved both these goals.
So let us as a country try to treat these companies and foreign investors at the minimum fair, and let them feel that they are welcome in this country. Let all foreign investors get the feeling that we have a positive attitude towards them, so that they keep coming to our island and increase their contribution toward economic development.
Drs. Stella M.C. Herrera, Curaçao

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