By Bonnie Benesh
The Think To DO Institute will celebrate its first anniversary in October of this year. The first independent global think tank in the western Caribbean was launched October 11, 2018 in Curaçao. The Think To DO Institute is an independent, virtual think tank based in Curaçao and created through a unique network of global think tanks across the world that researches best practices around the central ideas of ‘resilient societies’ and ‘the 4th Industrial Revolution’.
With its network with other independent think tanks on all other continents in the world, the aim is to focus on essential good ideas, best practice and key policies that offer practical solutions to make our society more resilient and mitigate the risks of the disruptive forces such as geo-politics, climate change, economic growth, reskilling the workforce and the future of work.
Combining the expertise of local dynamic thinkers and international experts, the think tank has in its first year organized its research around two research areas. Those areas are Governance, and Education, Formation and Mindset. These topics are the result of concerns born out of the responses to a set of interview questions answered by leaders of the local community in 2018. Those individual interviewed were selected because of their long-term successes in the community or because they are emerging global shapers within the community who share concerns about the lack of resilience within the local society.
Other research topics that are being addressed are economic growth, and the future of employment; environmental sustainability and energy; and integrity and corruption.
In October the Think To DO Institute will launch its international Speaker Series for the community-at-large. Globally recognized experts on such topics as the effects of Brexit on the Caribbean, Global Migration Trends and Best Practices, and Agile Governance, have confirmed their participation in this vital program to bring new ideas to the local community. The dynamic thinkers in the think tank will also work with these experts to create and offer practical solutions to influence the community to become more resilient.
I believe that the abundance mindset of those who have chosen to be dynamic thinkers in the think tank will make the work of the think tank successful.
Bastiaan Kooyman, who is the founding board member of the unique global think tank, shared: ,,What an honor to be part of this great initiative now called the Think to DO Institute. I have been very concerned over the years about the development of our country Curaçao and am now exited to be part of this project. We have to take it upon ourselves to see to it that the community as a whole benefits and shares in a good quality life. To do this we need change. Great people were successful in being different. Not so by reinventing the wheel but by opening new horizons and as a result the eyes of our nation. We must stop talking and talking, find the best successes in the world, and see how we can adapt and adopt those practices, thinking differently and doing differently.”
The community is invited to visit the website of the Think To DO Institute. Individuals who would like to become a dynamic thinker are invited to apply on the website.

Bonnie Benesh is de ceo van de Think To DO Institute. Voor meer informatie zie ook de website:

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