The outpouring of appreciation for Apple cofounder Steven Jobs, has surpassed levels typically reserved for president and pope. He seemed to know what people wanted even before they did and provided them with their needs. Today he changed extraordinarily and superlatively the way we work and play.
For that matter he has been called the ‘Henry Ford’ and the ‘Tomas Edison’ of his generation, a modern ‘Leonardo da Vinci’. In this context it is good to remember the famous last words of Louis XIV, King of France (1638-1715): ,,Why do you weep? Did you think I was immortal?” And Nostradamus Apothecary (1502-1566): ,,Tomorrow I shall no longer be here.”
Jobs was not the easiest boss to work for: ,,My job is not easy on people”, he once said, summing up his management philosophy. ,,My job is to make them better.” And he did.
In his recent years he experienced the disease he suffered from and it was clear that he also experienced what Mozart (1756-1791) said: ,,The taste of death is on my lips. I feel something that is not of this earth.”
Some of his epic statements were that nobody wants to die. Even people, who want to go to heaven, do not want to die to go there. And still death is the final destination we all share. No one has ever escaped from it since we all have to cross that bridge. And that is how it has to be, because it is the invention of Live, since it replaces the old to make space for the new. Now you are the ‘new’. But no far from today you gradually become old and you are replaced.
,,So, don’t let the noise of other’s opinions disturb your inner voice”, according to Steve Jobs. Since he was simple, peaceful, respectful and involved in social engagement and taking in account in this scope what is going on in our country these days, as far as politics are concerned, I would like to add to the above-mentioned statements, the one of Malcolm X (1925-1965): ,,Brothers, please. This is a house of peace.” Let all of us together, after one year of the inauguration of the Land Curaçao, make our country such a peaceful house and a gorgeous place, far away from conflicts, for the sake of all our people ‘to make them better’.
Lucien Stanly Arrendell, Curaçao

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