Recently I accompanied my daughter Elizabeth to India where she will follow a 2-year program at the Mahindra United World College in Pune.
Some days after dropping her, I was at the Mumbay Int. Airport (officially Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport) to pick a plane back to London, then USA, on my way back to Curaçao.
The plane was leaving at 1.30 a.m. and at 0.15 a.m. I was in a line for the check-out.
I was second in line when, all of a sudden, the one in front of me started a verbal attack against the employee at the ticket-counter of British Airways (BA). He was informed that he couldn’t go on that flight. ,,I’m going on this flight and nobody is going to stop me”, according to him. He had an important meeting the next day.
This got so out of hand that the verbal attacker had to be escorted by the airport guards to calm down and be attended by another employee.
After some minutes, I hear: ,,Next!”..these words were pronounced by the same BA-lady-employee who had just been insulted and who looked quite upset. I thought, let me try to uplift her, but she immediately reacted...
,,Sir”, she says to me, where is your Esta-visa to get into the USA? 
,,It has to be on the system, I know for sure”, I responded.
,,I don’t see it and besides, the plane is full.”
In a split of a second, I thought, Oh Lord, help me on this.
As she decided to look a little further, I immediately reacted to her: ,,You know I just saw what happened. No lady should be treated like that.”
She: ,,Yay?”
,,Can I give you an advice?” She answered with: ,,Okay…”
Repeat after me, I said: ,,Too blessed to be stressed, too anointed to be disappointed”…..and so she did.
Immediately after this she reacted: ,,Sir, can you go to gate 78 and wait for me, I’ll see what I can do for you”. Thank you mam, and so I did. I went immediately and sat at a chair near the gate place.
Sometime later we were called to show up at the gate. There she was.
She called me specifically and as she was handing me a boarding pass with a seat place, she says to me: ,,Too blessed…yeah?….” ,,Yes exactly”, I responded and added: ,,Thank you so much.”
Later in the plane I had to think...the power of positive thinking, the right attitude and the Lord….it works….but I might add…only if you believe!
Norberto V. Ribeiro,

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